To:  ‘News One Now w/ Roland S. Martin’ – (2015/Sept.03):

RE: the “humor” segment on the “slave tetris” “game :” Placing this issue in the context of a comedy phase of ‘News One Now’ was severely wrong-headed. A REPEAT segment on this issue – with a SERIOUS, INTELLIGENT panel of child psychiatrists and human rights spokespersons — is the only way to TRY to mediate the SEVERE DAMAGE done by belittling the GRAVE, LONG-TERM DAMAGE!!! To African-Descended children and youth, as well as reinforcing the IGNORANCE of the MILLIONS of Blacks who are mired in ignorance of, and committed to deepening their ignorance of — u.s., European and world history of PERSECUTION, OPPRESSION, REPRESSION, EXPLOITATION, etc. of Black and Brown Peoples. A REAL, meaningful hashtag is #SeriousGamesInteractiveShouldCollaborateWithAfricanScholars_CounterEgenfeldtWhitePrivilege.

(Yes, the RACIST game has been pulled. But immediate swift, EFFECTIVE comeback is critical to counter and mediate the inevitable RACIST white-privileged corporate conceivers of future such trash.)


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